Q&A with PRISM Exec


PRISM recruitment is in full swing! We sat down with Andrew and Kelsey to answer some of the questions you might have about applying to PRISM.

Q: What makes PRISM unique from all other student organizations?

A: PRISM is not just an organization, it is a marketing firm with real-world clients. Everything that we do goes live for our clients once they approve. That is why we are very selective with our members, because we have to have the best of the best to produce work that satisfies real businesses. There are also so many benefits of being in PRISM that you cannot find anywhere else. PRISMites have access to our alumni that are scattered across the world working at some of the top agencies and companies out there. We also don’t just work, we have a great time together too. One thing we really stress is the importance of a strong culture where members become friends and make memories they can hold onto forever. If you join PRISM, you can expect to constantly grow your skills and network.

Q: Do I have to have a certain GPA or major to apply to PRISM?

A: Our GPA requirement is a 3.0 and we are open to all majors! Typically, a member’s major reflects what aspect of PRISM they are applying for. 

Q: What positions can I apply for and what does each one do? 

A: Our roles that you can apply for are broken down into four groups: Accounts, Analytics, Social Media and Creative.

  • ACCOUNTSUnder Accounts, we have Account Managers and Account Executives that work directly with the client to understand their needs. You can think of it similar to a Project Manager. We also have Account Strategists who develop the client’s marketing strategy.

  • ANALYTICS — Our analytics team is comprised of data analysts that analyze the performance of our marketing strategies through tools such as SocialBakers, Cyfe, Google Analytics, and provide insights to drive our future strategy.

  • SOCIAL MEDIA — Our Content Creators are the masters behind all our clients’ social media channels. They do everything from gathering content for posts to scheduling posts in Hootsuite and also interact with other influential accounts.

  • CREATIVE — The creative team has three different roles: Graphic Designers, Multimedia Specialists, and Copywriters. Each of these roles help bring our client’s brand and campaigns physically to life through graphics, videos, photography, and written content.

Q: I can’t decide between two different positions. How do I choose the one to apply for?

A: Choose the role you believe you are most qualified for right now. Once you are in PRISM, it is extremely likely that you will switch roles during your time so don’t feel like you will be confined to just one!

If you want help in deciding what role is best for you, be sure to ask a PRISMite at our Mocktails event on September 16th!

Q: What kinds of things will make me stand out from other applicants?

A: We look for potential members who bring a unique set of experiences and skills to the table when applying to PRISM. Every applicant will most likely have engaged in extracurricular activities in high school but great applicants will highlight their roles and accomplishments in these activities. If you are applying for a creative role, we highly recommend that you provide a portfolio of your work. Don't forget that the work you show us doesn't have to be accompanied with a fancy internship or company -- you can showcase personal work that you did "for fun" as well. Always think of yourself as a brand and be creative about telling your brand’s story. Remember who your audience is (us in this scenario) and use your unique selling proposition to convince us to buy in!

Another great way to stand out is to engage with the content that we post daily. Whether it be on our own internal account (@VTPRISM) or on our client accounts (Pamplin, F&M, etc), showing that you already know about the type of work PRISM does and your interest is an even better way to get your name on the map.

Q: What advice would you give to someone who is unsure about applying?

A: If you aren’t sure if it is the right fit for you, reach out to a current PRISM member to ask any questions you may have.  This organization is a large investment and we expect it to be a top priority in the lives of our members. This means that when we are looking for potential PRISMites, we are looking for passionate folks who are ready to make that commitment because they want to join PRISM with everything they have. So if you have questions, let us help you work through them!

Q: How has PRISM shaped your college experience?

  • Andrew: PRISM has connected me with some of the best opportunities, including both internships and full-time positions. I've made some friends that I know I'll stay in contact with for a very long-time and be able to get closest to successful as I can be post-grad.

  • Kelsey: Everyone wants to find what makes Virginia Tech feel like home for them and I am so lucky I found that in PRISM my freshman year. I have done things I never thought I would such as presenting to the top ad agencies and companies in the country. I also know that the majority of the marketing skills I have now were made in PRISM, not just in the classroom. These skills have helped me stand out to companies and most-recently, helped me landed my full-time job upon graduation at Altria, a company that supports PRISM immensely. Finally, I could not be more thankful for the people I have met along the way during my time in PRISM. Current PRISMites and past-PRISMites care so deeply about each other’s success and I know that this experience will last long-past my college days into my whole life.