A Productive Summer Break

The sun is shining, the beaches are crowded, and most importantly…the semester is over! That means that summer is here and opportunities for adventure are everywhere!

Everyone has a plan for how they want to spend their summer, whether that’s at an internship or laying by the pool for three months. However, it’s time to make the most of your summer and make it the most productive one yet.

Make it your goal to think about and take action on some of these suggestions to make your summer more than just relaxing.


Update the Resume


A lot of changes have happened during your semester and some of those changes are meant to be put on your resume. Updating your resume semester by semester will make it easier instead of starting fresh. If you have no major changes, then a face lift on your resume may be due.

A study by TheLadders, an online job-searching network, found that employers take an average of six seconds reviewing a resume. That means it’s essential that formatting is unique and concise. Keep in mind that resumes are never perfect and can always use improvements!


Build a Portfolio

Showcasing all your work to potential employers is sometimes even better than an interview. It may take some time and patience, but building a portfolio will display your expertise and your organized efforts. 

There are several online tools available that you should use to help build your portfolio. Some of these tools include portfoliobox.com, coroflot.com, and carbonmade.com. These tools give you the power to seamlessly create and organize your work at the ease of the internet. Online portfolios are easy to share and can be accessed almost anywhere.



Summer is an opportune time to explore paths in life that you normally may not have time to pursue during the school year.

This time could be used to research about the next steps you can take if you plan to go to graduate school or continue your education. You could also research about a specific company that you aspire to work for in the future. Research may seem like the last activity you want to do in the summer, however it can be the reason why you ace that interview.


Start a Blog

Blogs are a great resource that you can add to your own personal brand. To employers, blogs showcase creativity and personality. It also helps to improve your writing skills because you are creating content on a regular basis.

Blogs may seem like a daunting task, however if you are writing about your interests or something you are passionate about then it will become effortless and even something you’ll want to do. You’ll stand out to employers because your blog will show that you spend the time to improve your brand.



All of these simple tasks can jump-start your next semester and improve your personal brand. By just sacrificing some of your time during break, you’ll feel even more accomplished when the semester starts in the fall.

Make sure you make it a productive one while still enjoying your summer!