International Women's Day


March 8th, 2019 marks International Women’s Day. The campaign theme is #BalanceforBetter, calling for a gender-balanced world. Marketers are doing their part by increasing female representation in advertisements and releasing empowering feminist campaigns:


American Eagle’s sub-brand featuring loungewear, lingerie, and swimwear has focused on inclusivity and body positivity for its entire existence. #AerieREAL was launched in 2014 and focused on ending the use of supermodels and digital retouching. The newest update on #AerieREAL features actresses Jameela Jamil, Busy Philipps, and Samira Wiley along with other women of different backgrounds, sizes, and personal styles. Asking the question, “What is your real power?” the campaign focuses on the power of being ourselves, and every individual’s own superpower.

Victoria’s Secret PINK GRL PWR

For the entire month of February, PINK invited any woman between the ages of 18-25 to apply for the GRL PWR PROJECT. 20 winners will receive $10,000 to make their GRL PWR dreams happen. Along with the contest, the PINK Campus Representatives all over the nation will be hosting on-campus and in-store events and a PINK Bus tour. PINK also has partnered with Bustle to open which features empowering career articles and interviews with successful female entrepreneurs. The contest and interview series emphasize the campaign’s goal of actively empowering women to be bold in their ideas and pursue their GRL PWR dream.

Bumble Ball in Her Court

Serena Williams starred in Bumble’s Super Bowl ad that invites women to take a hold of the power they already have. Williams’s powerful performance tells women not to wait, listen to what anyone says, or doubt that they have the power. PRISMite and Bumble Campus Representative McKenzie Collins says, “Working for Bumble as a campus ambassador empowers me everyday. I am proud to represent a company and brand that stands for so much. I love explaining to people why Bumble is more than “just another dating app”. The ambassador program selects the best of the best college aged females who build each other up and support one another. As a consumer, Bumble ambassador, and a woman, I have never felt more aligned to a company.”

Nike Dream Crazier

Nike has been in the spotlight since the September release of the Colin Kaepernick Dream Crazier ad. With their newest update in the Dream Crazier campaign headlining Serena Williams, the focus is shifted towards women and combating the stereotypes surrounding female athletes. Embracing the unapologetic passion and excellence in successful women is empowering by refusing to acknowledge gender norms that may keep women from reaching for their dreams or working as hard as men. Nike shows their uncompromising support for female athletes and a balanced view of athletes as a whole.

Toyota RAV4 Toni Morris

Last but not least, Toyota’s Super Bowl commercial starred Antoinette “Toni” Harris, who last week became the first woman ever to receive a college football scholarship for a non-kicking position. By choosing such a successful female athlete in a male-dominated sport to star in a Super Bowl commercial, Toyota sends a bold message to NFL and America about the power of women and the importance of representation. Toni’s compelling single line, “I’ve never been a big fan of assumptions,” represents the challenges and adversity she overcame to follow her dreams of playing college football.


Using advertising as a way to empower women and support female strength is a celebration of women. On this International Women’s Day, let’s activate #BalanceforBetter by increasing female representation, showcasing stories of powerful women, and encouraging women to be unapologetically themselves.