A Day in the Life of a PRISM Analytics Director

prism blog post analytics.png

Analytics is all about figuring out what is working best and moving forward strategically. Natalie Schechter takes this job to the next level as Director of Analytics for PRISM, ensuring that the entirety of her team is effective in understanding the importance of their analysis. 

Natalie oversees all of PRISM’s analytic’s team members, who are in charge of accruing and analyzing metrics for clients, presenting their findings in a digestible fashion, and giving actionable recommendations.

Beginning with the Division of Student Affairs as her client, Natalie has since moved on to being First & Main’s go-to analytics mastermind. Running monthly reports, she has tracked channel growth across the shopping center’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for two years by following top posts, total impressions, and engagements.

So what is done with all of this data? Natalie and her team use this information to educate PRISM clients on what is successful on their social channels to collaborate and continually improve their digital footprint.

“Analytics are the foundation of marketing’s success. You don’t know how or if you’re successful without the numbers,” Natalie remarked, in regards to the importance of her team to PRISM.

Natalie is not just in charge of delegating tasks to her team, she is fundamental in the overall communication between social, design, and marketing in the PRISM umbrella. Excited for the future growth of PRISM, she knows that a standardized and informed analytics team is essential to success.