Our 3 Favorite Holiday Movie Guides


The Holiday season is the absolute perfect time to snuggle up and enjoy some of our favorite seasonal movies in front of the fireplace and the television with family and friends. Although many of these holiday blockbusters only relate to this certain time of year, we hold them close to our hearts all year long.

We have gathered a list of our favorite movie guides taking us throughout this Holiday season, all the way up until Christmas day. Check out some of the must-watch movies of the season:

Glamour's 37 Best Christmas Movies on Netflix

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Glamour’s take on this season’s Holiday movies revolved around a fan favorite: Netflix. In their list, they include 37 Christmas movies that are available on Netflix with a short description and a picture from the movie.

Movies range from A Dogwalker’s Christmas Tale  to Dear Santa. The first on the list is 12 Dates of Christmas followed by the description, “Reliving a bad first date (on Christmas Eve, no less) 12 times in a row sounds like a nightmare, but this Freeform original starring Amy Smart and Mark-Paul Gosselaar makes it out to be kind of charming.” In addition, the last on the list is The Nightmare Before Christmas followed by the description, “Holiday movies tend to get sickeningly sweet, so consider The Nightmare Before Christmas your palate cleanser. This dark animated fantasy is a favorite for a reason.”

Fandango's Holiday Movie Guide

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Fandango, with the help of their sponsor, Netflix, created an entire Holiday movie guide. Each listing includes a link to the movie where the viewer has access to the trailer, reviews, movie locations, movie times, and other important information for the viewing of the movie.

This list allows consumers to have access to a complete list of popular Holiday movies available in the theaters for viewing. Many customers find this list to be extremely helpful for coming up with fun plans this Holiday season.

Freeform's 25 Days of Christmas

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Possibly one of the most well-known Holiday traditions in the television world is Freeform’s (formerly known as ABC Family) “25 Days of Christmas”. Starting on Friday, December 1st, Freeform has a detailed Christmas movie schedule. From around 7AM to midnight on Christmas, the network consists strictly of specifically chosen Holiday movies.

Day #25, Christmas Day, is a full schedule of Freeform’s absolute favorite Holiday movies. Starting with the classic of Frosty’s Winter Wonderland, and ending with Four Christmases.

We hope you are spending the Holidays with your loved ones, and take a moment to relax and share in the joys of all that these Holiday movies have to offer!