Senior Class Gift 101


Attention all graduating seniors - have you donated your Senior Class Gift yet? Here’s all you need to know about Virginia Tech’s emerging tradition.

What is Senior Class Gift?

Senior Class Gift is a way to commemorate your graduation and the first step to starting your legacy of alumni engagement with Virginia Tech. Graduating seniors are encouraged to donate what they can in order to give back to Virginia Tech. Students can donate anything from $5 to $100, but those who donate $20.19 or more will receive a black and gray cord to be worn at the Spring 2019 Graduation Commencement.

Why should you donate?

Students can donate their Senior Class Gift funds to the college, department, club, organization, or program that has impacted their undergraduate experience the most. There are over 3,700 unique programs that students can donate their Senior Class Gift to. This is in order to personalize your philanthropic engagement and help advance your chosen Senior Class Gift recipient. What better way to embody Ut Prosim than to help improve the university that has given you your education?

“A tradition of philanthropy and giving back to a place that’s given you so much is really what’s important. Making your Senior Class Gift is the first opportunity to make an impact on Virginia Tech. We all live and breathe Ut Prosim here at Virginia Tech and the idea of service. We’re all service-minded: faculty, staff and students. Philanthropy is a form of service and we’re working to redefine Ut Prosim to include service through philanthropy of giving back of your time, your talent, and your treasure. They’re equally important: time, talent and treasure. But we need them all to be successful and to continue driving the mission of the institution forward,” said Shaun Grahe, Director of Student and Young Alumni Engagement.

Are you ready to make your contribution?

There are so many easy ways to donate your Senior Class Gift. Follow this link to donate online or text “2019” to 91999. Stay updated on all the latest Senior Class Gift news and upcoming events by following VT PRISM on Facebook, @vtprism on Instagram, and Virginia Tech Class of 2019 on Facebook.