Introducing: New PRISM Exec!

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PRISM is excited to introduce our new Executive team, Chief Marketing Officer Kelsey Stoner and Chief Strategy Officer Andrew Luo! These dedicated PRISMites have worked hard contributing to the success of our organization and are ready to take PRISM to the next level. Let’s get to know a little bit about our new Exec team!

Kelsey comes into her new position with a wide range of experience. Before taking on the role of CMO, Kelsey served as Director of Photography for PRISM, Account Supervisor for the Senior Class Gift campaign, and Account Manager for FutureHAUS. She also brings in outside leadership experience from her previous position as National President of the Technology Student Association, which she held in her senior year of high school. Through this experience, she had the opportunity to lead over 250,000 members and speak in front of crowds of up to 8,000 people. She is ready to bring this experience to the table while leading PRISM.

“Having this role is one of the things that set me apart coming into PRISM and has prepared me for how to be a successful leader now!” she said.

As Chief Marketing Officer, Kelsey will oversee client work and hopes to push members to their fullest potential. “This role really is about making sure that PRISM continues to produce the best quality work as well as create personal development opportunities and experiences for members,” she explained. She is also excited for the mentorship aspect of serving on Exec:

“I’ve always been passionate about helping and mentoring people so having the opportunity to influence other PRISM members and guide them on their paths to success really excites me! I truly just love that I have the ability to influence this organization and can help grow it in ways that will impact all future PRISMites.”

Andrew is stepping into the role of Chief Strategy Officer after serving PRISM as an analyst, Director of Analytics, and Smithfield Account Manager. He also has extensive leadership experience from holding the roles of both Director of Fundraising and Technology Exec for The Big Event, in addition to serving as a Resident Advisor. In his transition onto the PRISM Exec team, he is most intrigued by the futuristic approach of the role:

“In the past, a lot of the assignments I worked on were all about the short-term, whether it be an analytics report for a campaign that was already complete or planning for a campaign that will happen in a few weeks. Now, it's all about thinking of who would be good in ‘x’ role next year, or what kind of clients we would want to bring to the table to make us (even) more competitive in a few years,” he said.

Bringing on new clients is an exciting process and a great way for PRISM to grow, so Andrew is especially looking forward to the opportunity to expand our reach.

“Something unique to PRISM that not many other organizations have to offer is the ability and opportunity to face real-world clients. In the Exec role, I'm most excited to continue facing these real-world clients but have the chance to bring in new business and negotiate contracts. I think that these two new responsibilities will be something that not many college grads have the experience of and I believe this is an aspect where I can truly thrive in,” Andrew explained.

Kelsey and Andrew have been working hard to prepare for these new roles and they already have big plans for how they want to lead the organization. Some of the initiatives they have in mind include increasing professional development opportunities through certifications and workshops, strengthening the bond between PRISMites through team-building and social activities, improving the overall strategy for client projects, and potentially partnering with other student-run marketing agencies at other universities to promote collaboration and networking.

We are excited to continue pushing PRISM forward with such a talented and driven Exec team!

Welcome, Kelsey and Andrew!