Millennials Changing Valentine's Day

Flower prices have skyrocketed, heart-shaped boxes of chocolate are circulating, and love is in the air. This all must mean Valentine’s Day is back again. However, this holiday of love has evolved from a traditional couple’s holiday into a widespread celebration of independence. The millennial generation has transformed what Valentine’s Day looks like to brands all over the world.

Galentine’s Day

This twist on Valentine’s Day started from a 2010 episode of NBC’s hit TV series Parks and Recreation. Leslie Knope’s decision to boycott Valentine’s Day and instead celebrate her female best friends have since gone viral. Several brands have now repositioned their strategy from targeting couples in love to targeting female friendship.

LUSH cosmetics is doing this with a Valentine’s Day-themed product line that includes everything you need for a girl’s night in.


Dunkin Love

While some trends have changed, sweets on Valentine’s Day may not. According to, more than 47% of gifts given on Valentine’s Day is sweets. Brands have taken advantage of this by transforming their products to be more personable.

Dunkin Donuts have done this by creating a unique line of heart-shaped donuts. Their campaign #DunkinLove encourages consumers to share their own meaning of love with their donuts. They have also created downloadable mobile wallpapers and emojiis to share the love even more.


Tiffany & Co. #BelieveInLove Campaign

Tiffany & Co. has rolled out a new twist on Valentine’s Day that encourages positivity through love. “The Tiffany Tattoo Shop” allows customers to customize tattoo-styled stickers for social media. Once you create your individualized tattoo, you can then place the digital sticker on your body to share on social media with the hashtag #BelieveInLove. Tiffany & Co. provides their fans with an interactive experience with the holiday while still benefiting from free branded photos.


Valentine’s Day has taken a whole new audience than just couples-- thanks to millennials. However, the one thing that will never change is the share of love on Valentine’s Day.