Our Favorite Fourth of July Advertisements

Fireworks, patriotic colors, and BBQ are all common signs that it’s the Fourth of July. For marketers, the Fourth of July can be a time to hone in on patriotic themes that resonate easily with Americans.

Here are a few of our favorite ads that exhibit what Independence Day is really about:  

Ancestry: “Declaration Descendants”

 The Declaration of Independence is one of the most notable symbols of the Fourth of July so  Ancestry.com brought together dozens of descendants of the original signers.

While recreating John Trumbell’s famous Declaration of Independence painting, the descendants subtly promoted Ancestry.com. The diverse group symbolizes how much America has grown since their ancestors first signed this document, making the Declaration of Independence more tangible for the Americans.


Budweiser: “A Dream Delivered”

Budweiser is known for their heartstring-pulling ads, and they did it yet again with their Fourth of July spot. They teamed up with Folds of Honor and Adam Driver to deliver a scholarship to the daughter of an injured veteran.

This life-changing scholarship lifted a financial burden off of the young woman’s shoulders. The spot has been well-received with hundreds of shares on Facebook and beyond.


Pedigree: “General Howe’s Dog”

The story of General Howe’s dog crossing over into George Washington’s camp is not only heartwarming, but true. Themes of patriotism, pride, and loyalty easily come through this spot.

Pedigree ends their ad with, “Dogs bring out the best in us,” subtly placing their brand into the patriotic storyline.  



The Fourth of July is a time to celebrate America and some of its most defining moments. When marketers grasp onto these moments, and capture them in a 60-second spot, they remind the viewer to embrace their patriotism and pride in America.