Blacksburg-based Branding: Spotlight on Local Marketing Agencies

Blacksburg may be a small town, but there are several established marketing agencies and creative-minded companies that are located just a short walk away from Virginia Tech’s campus. Take a look at the local businesses where past and present Prismites work and intern:



Modea helps hospitals and healthcare brands hone their digital strategies. Founded in 2006, the agency has worked with clients including the Carillon Clinic, Duke Health, and Verizon. Modea has approximately 25 employees, or “Modeans,” who specialize in skills ranging from user experience design to software engineering. Its office is located in downtown Blacksburg on Washington St.


Ozmo, a spin-off of Modea, was founded in 2016. The company assists mobile operators like Telus and Verizon in providing strong customer service and software support to their consumers. “Ozmonauts” work in areas including product design and content development. Its office is located across from the Alexander Black House on Draper Rd.



Venveo is a digital marketing agency that helps building manufacturers establish an online presence. The agency offers services such as website design and social media management. Its clients have included the Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine and Chemence. Venveo’s office is housed on North Main St.

It will be interesting to see what direction these companies go in, as both the Town of Blacksburg and Virginia Tech continue to expand and more creative talent heads to the area.


Image sources 1/2/3