Senior Send Off

Serving as account managers, directors, mentors, and marketing mavens, PRISM's seniors have definitely made their mark on our organization. With only two weeks left until graduation, we would like to highlight the accomplishments of our seniors. 

Emily Leverone, PRISM Account Manager

DSC01047 - Emily Leverone.jpg

Biggest Takeaway: "The more work you put into the organization, the more you will get out of it! There are a lot of incredible opportunities that arise when you work hard."

Favorite Memory in PRISM: "NYC trip! Getting close to other members on the trip and getting to spend a few days in an amazing city visiting and presenting to incredible agencies and receiving feedback from them."

Any Advice: "Do your work on-time and do it well. Be quick to respond to emails as well and always try to volunteer for events!"

Where to Next: Working as an AAE for Area23, an FCB Health agency, on the Lilly Galca account in New York City.


Meredith Hoopes, Click & Pledge Account Manager

IMG_4501 - Meredith Hoopes.JPG

Biggest Takeaway: "The customer isn't ALWAYS right. Ask no matter how dumb you may think the question is and don't be afraid to ask questions until you understand where they are coming from and both parties can work together toward the best solution."

Favorite Memory in PRISM: "Developing my first social media campaign."

Any Advice: "Ask - questions and for help when you need it."

Where to Next: Working for Appian in Reston, Virginia as a consultant

Maddy Keeler

IMG_4201 - Maddy Keeler.jpg

Biggest Takeaway: "I learned to take every opportunity presented to me so I can learn as much as I can, and gain valuable experience along the way. I learned being organized is HUGE, and hard work definitely pays off. PRISM was by far the best thing I have done in college."

Favorite Memory in PRISM: "Definitely Giving Day. It was awesome to work with VT as a client on a project that raised over a million dollars!"

Any Advice: "Take PRISM seriously because it's an amazing opportunity, but don't stress yourself out - have fun!"

Where to Next: Working as an Assistant Account Executive with Area23 in NYC!

Ana Nosal, Chief Marketing Officer 

Norfolk-2-21-X4 - Ana Nosal.jpg

Biggest Takeaway: "You have to make the most out of every opportunity - PRISM gives you a lot of amazing opportunities but it's what you do with them that helps you succeed both inside and outside of the organization."

Favorite Memory in PRISM: "The NYC and San Francisco trips!"

Any Advice: "PRISM can seem overwhelming at times but it's not supposed to be a stressor in your life - relax!!! The friendships and connections with alumni I've made over the past four years has been unbelievable. I know I'm graduating but I can't wait to see some old PRISMites in D.C."

Where to Next: Working at Accenture.

Kinzie Trompak, Pamplin Account Manager

IMG_7180 - Kinzie Trompak.JPG

Biggest Takeaway: "Get as involved as possible -- you should always be learning & getting involved is the best way to make the most out of your PRISM experience."

Favorite Memory in PRISM: "Planning Barracuda Bowl"

Any Advice: "Say yes to any PRISM opportunity given to you."

Where to Next: Working as an Associate Field Marketing Manager at HubSpot.

Stacy Shrader, Director of Alumni Relations

DSC_9568 (1) - Stacy Shrader.jpg

Biggest Takeaway: "You never know when you will find something you end up loving it defines your career path after you graduate."

Favorite Memory in PRISM: "My favorite thing was connecting with our alumni all over the U.S. and producing content for all of our clients!"

Any Advice: "Jump in and never look back!"

Where to Next: Marketing Graduate Assistant at University of West Florida.

Ricky Lam, Videographer

full_res_jpeg_2018_04_13 17_19_13 - Ricky Lam.jpg

Biggest Takeaway: "Communication is a component people tend to forget. If you can't communicate with your team or any member in general, you aren't putting your best foot forward."

Favorite Memory in PRISM: "Working on the Pamplin graduation video last spring semester."

Any Advice: "Be bold with your choices. Be the person who breaks the norm that it's all just a 'favorites' game. Prove your worth based on who you are, not just to please someone."

Where to Next: Hopefully an internship somewhere in DC.

Charlotte de Wolfe, Creative Director

Small - Charlotte de Wolfe.jpeg

Biggest Takeaway: "Learning time management and how far I can stretch myself to achieve something in a short time span."

Favorite Memory in PRISM: "Designed materials that I saw into production and then around campus + Blacksburg"

Any Advice: "Work your butt off, it pays off."

Where to Next: Working in UX/UI Design at WillowTree. Focusing on mobile solutions and new technologies.

Mike Weyrich, Pamplin Admissions Account Manager

Profile Picture - Mike Weyrich.jpg

Biggest Takeaway: "I learned how to meet client expectations by working with different teams. This is something I would have never learned in my classes."

Favorite Memory in PRISM: "The NYC trip was great to see what the world was like in different advertising firms."

Any Advice: "PRISM is great because it teaches you how to balance your school work, social life, and work for PRISM. Learn to prioritize what is important and don't forget to use PRISM to find out what you like doing and what you are good at."

Where to Next: "I graduate in December, so I will be here for another semester."

Nick Czerwonka, Pamplin Strategist

Biggest Takeaway: "My biggest takeaway from PRISM is just how important it is for us as students to gain the real world experience and do the hands on projects we had during our membership. You can't learn how to communicate with clients and actively post on and monitor social media channels sitting in a classroom, and being able to do that with PRISM really showed me a real glimpse into real life work, with real clients. We're a real agency with local and national clients, with hundreds of connections around the country, and the tight knit community of Prism Members and Alumni is a really special thing to experience, cause you can tell everyone is passionate about their work, and pushing each other to do their best."

Favorite Memory in PRISM: "I'd say one of the favorite things I got to do while in PRISM was establish the new member on boarding process as "Prism Dad" alongside my wonderful Prism Mom, Kat Plante, it was definitely a new and big challenge for us but incredibly rewarding to found a new process in Prism that involves a big project new members undertake to really experience Prism work and culture before becoming official members. "

Any Advice: "The advice I would give to current PRISMites, is to stay as active and involved in PRISM as possible. You usually always have work to do, but its important to keep involved in anything you can, whether it be asking for more work, attending all events possible, or even meeting up with older or other members to get to know them and their work. Prism is an amazing chance to get some real world networking done, and the connections you make are invaluable, so stay active, and stay hardworking, it never goes unnoticed. "

Where to Next: I will be an Assistant Account Executive at the Advertising/Marketing agency Area 23 in New York City!

Eva Langelotti, Analyst

1185134_10200773328587961_703497239_n - Eva Langelotti.jpg

Biggest Takeaway: "There are hidden talents in people in the last place you'd expect and everyone has something to offer."

Favorite Memory in PRISM: "Working on F&M was my favorite thing about my position in prism because it was awesome to be analyzing data for such a large and well known shopping center and made my job super interesting."

Any Advice: "Don't be afraid to push the limits, explore other positions and always ask questions because you truly get what you give with PRISM. PRISM has connected me with several friends and alumni across the country (Seattle, Denver, DC) that I know I will stay in touch with and I am truly grateful to have been a part of the organization!"

Where to Next: "Moving to Denver to work in consulting for KPMG at a special technology oriented office!"

Lea Koehler, Director of Analytics

DSC01025 - Copy - Lea Koehler.jpg

Biggest Takeaway: "You are capable of more than you know - just need to find a supportive group to realize this! Also, seeing a diversity of backgrounds and mindsets come together to produce results and solve problems has shown me the importance of an open mindset and learning multiple perspectives."

Favorite Memory in PRISM: "I love looking at numbers, but my favorite times would be hanging out with the rest of the organization and having some fun and a good laugh!"

Any Advice: "Look for those mentors, explore all options before limiting yourself, and don't be afraid to try something new and/or fail! Enjoy every second that you have in college... it's a blessing, gift, and a fun time to be alive."

Where to Next: "Working as a Technology Analyst for Deloitte in the federal sector!"

Darius Boles, Director of People and Culture

Biggest Takeaway: "PRISM is one of the most unique student organizations on campus. A big takeaway is that PRISM offers a lot of real world experiences that can't be taught in a classroom. "

Favorite Memory in PRISM: "Definitely the trips! Getting to go on our annual New York trip since my sophomore year has been a great experience for me and a great opportunity to connect with agencies we visit and it's always nice to catch up with the PRISM alums who are working in New York."

Any Advice: "My best advice would be to never settle and to not discouraged if things don't go as planned. I started off as a social media specialist when I joined my freshman year. I've always wanted to be Chief Marketing Officer so I constructed a plan to get there. Part of the plan was to become an account manager after some time as a social media specialists. I was thrown off guard when I was offered the role of Director of People and Culture my sophomore year just because I thought I was finally going to become an account manager. Retrospectively, I think that the role of Director of People and Culture better prepared me for Chief Marketing Officer and glad I got that experience"

Where to Next: Interning at Publicis this summer

Natalie Savino, Graphics

4D-21 - Natalie Savino.jpg

Biggest Takeaway: "My biggest takeaway from PRISM is to work hard and really think and value connections. Always take every opportunity to chat with someone and at the end of the day your work will speak for itself!"

Favorite Memory in PRISM: "My favorite thing I've been apart of during PRISM is the D.C. trip! I learned so many new things and got closer to other PRISMites."

Any Advice: "Do things you enjoy, its not worth your time or other peoples time if you don't enjoy what you are doing. I have loved my time in PRISM. I've gotten to have an experience like no other and strengthen friendships for a lifetime."

Where to Next: "I'm currently interviewing all over the place, so I'll have an update soon, but no matter what I'll be in a city doing a design related job!"

Jina Ro, Graphics

FB_IMG_1524710333133 - Jina Ro.jpg

Biggest Takeaway: "Talk to EVERYONE and don't be shy to be yourself."

Favorite Memory in PRISM: "Getting to work for and see the behind the scenes for an ad agency."

Where to Next: "Traveling to South Korea with roommates, studying for the MCAT."

Amanda Robinson, Graphics

1309E616-0CC7-4D5C-8A2E-C830CF8B3414 - Amanda Robinson (1).jpeg

Biggest Takeaway: "Hard work gets you places."

Favorite Memory in PRISM: "Met good people!"

Any Advice: "Network!"

Where to Next: "Job Hunting!"

Katie Richardson, First & Main Account Manager

1309E616-0CC7-4D5C-8A2E-C830CF8B3414 - Amanda Robinson (1).jpeg

Biggest Takeaway: "How to work with a cross functional group."

Favorite Memory in PRISM: "Filmed the First & Main video ad."

Any Advice: "Get to know other PRISMites! This organization's knowledge is so vast, take advantage of these incredible minds and make friends for the future! Challenge yourself even if it makes you nervous that you might fail because that's what college is for-- its a learning experience."

Where to Next: "Working for CEB, now Gartner in Arlington VA doing sales and account management."

Congratulations to our seniors! We will miss you next year but cannot wait to see what you accomplish!