If you were one of the over 400 students, faculty and staff in the Pamplin

Atrium on Apr. 20, 2015, then you were one to hear about how Pamplin is actively

following the slogan of Virginia Tech; Invent the Future!


The day had finally come where PRISM members, who have been working

closely by the side of Dean Sumichrast , Dean Hunnings and various Pamplin

members, and were able to get the word out about vision that has been created for

the future of the college.


The Business Learning Community, or BLC for short, is a new “multi-

building” concept that will eventually replace the current building that Pamplin

resides in.


One of our very own PRISM mommas, and most recent alumni, Kristina

Hurd was recruited to introduce the beautifully crafted BLC video, which was

produced by the creative team within PRISM.


The empowered crowd fell in awe as Sumichrast proceeded to the podium to

expand upon this now innovative concept.


“What will it look like? I have no idea,” said Sumichrast, in his speech to the

crowd. But many of slides demonstrated how the concept will literally be a learning

“community”, which includes common areas, classrooms, a residential college,

student services including teams and mentors and places where clubs within

Pamplin can actively participate and have their own space.


The college has now hired an architect and begun the process of crafting

this building and creating plans for the BLC.


Ending this reveal, Sumichrast held an open-mic panel to encourage the

crowd to ask questions and present ideas during this time. Many members of the

college contributed to discussion and lead to the conclusion of the reveal, which

was closed out by our second PRISM momma and also newest graduate, Sara

Goforth, who encouraged the crowd to consume in the most delicious ice cream

refreshments that have graced Pamplin atrium!


Students, faculty and staff of Pamplin are encouraged to stay updated and

present ideas on the BLC from now and through years to come, as this is a project to

be completed in the next five decades.


For more information and to present ideas or questions to the board of

Pamplin, you can visit the official BLC website here, which is, of course, powered by