What's New with PRISM


The new school year is an exciting time--move-in, the start of classes, and the impending football season is all upon us so there’s a lot to look forward to. It’s an exciting time for PRISM as well--there’s a lot that’s new with us!

New Brand


This summer, PRISM went through an exciting rebranding after meeting with the team at Foote, Cone & Belding (FCB). When meeting with clients and companies, it was hard to give a simple summary of everything that embodies PRISM. Thus, the one-liner, “A student-run ad agency,” was added with the rebranding.

Ana Nosal, one of PRISM’s CMO’s, stated , “We've had an agency structure for a while in order to be successful, but it was time to brand PRISM as more than just a social media organization.  Our expertise has reached far beyond doing just social.”

PRISM Founder and Faculty Advisor, Donna Wertalik, said, “This was a critical step in establishing PRISM and building our unique selling proposition. The future is exciting as we continue to grow and build beyond boundaries!”


New Client

FutureHAUS Logos with Mark (1).png

Perhaps some of PRISM’s most exciting news is the latest addition of FutureHAUS as one of our clients. PRISM is working with the Virginia Tech Solar Decathlon team on the communications side  of the competition by setting up and maintaining their social media channels as well as  creating a sleek new logo.

CMO Ana commented,  “With our expertise in social media, we hope we can give the team a cutting edge through a competitive analysis of the other teams and finding ways to deliver unique content regarding the competition location in Dubai and the house the team is building.”

New York City Trip


This upcoming October will be the seventh year that PRISMites head to the Big Apple. Over the course of four days, PRISM will be visiting a variety of well renowned companies including Etsy, FCB, Screen Vision, and mcgarrybowen.  This trip offers great insight into the day to day operations of different agencies and provides as an unparalleled source of networking.


New Conferences


As PRISM continues to grow, so do the opportunities. For the first time, Exec will be attending the Brand Strategy Innovation Summit in San Francisco. This conference will feature speakers hailing from Google, Spotify, Instagram, and other top companies, making it extremely beneficial for PRISM’s growing brand.


New Members

23 (1 of 1).jpg

With a new strategy and a lot of planning, this year’s recruitment will hopefully be the best one yet! PRISM is continuously evolving, so we are excited to welcome  new members this fall. If you are interested in becoming a PRISMite, be on the lookout for applications this September!

It’s definitely an exciting time for PRISM. We can’t wait to see what else this semester holds!