Five Ways To Be A Shark In The Business World


What does it mean to be a “shark” in the business world? The Business world can be a ferocious and unapologetic industry, which can make getting a foot in the door extraordinarily difficult.

However, with the right tools and applicable business knowledge, anyone can be a “shark”, even in the industry’s dark and unexplored waters. Take the bait and see just how far you can make it up the business food chain.


1) Be a Fearless Leader

There is a fine line between being fearless and being risky. Being “fearless” requires a level of self-confidence and determination that has the capacity to determine the success of any business.

When things do not exactly go as planned (which will most certainly happen), it is important to keep a level head when having to make decisions and rely on those that you trust. Rather than just showing the way, lead the way.


2) Execution over Idea

When sharks smell blood in the water, they go after it- ensuring they get a piece of the action. If you sense an amazing idea swimming around in your head, act on it. Anyone can have a brilliant idea that they believe will change the world.

However, what makes an idea worthwhile is being able to put it into action. But execution can often be the most difficult part of the process. Many people cannot execute their ideas because they lack the courage, the resources, and the most limiting- time and money.

Many of these hurdles can be lessened if you know how to keep your executive idea competitive in an ever-changing marketplace. Make sure your idea has a purpose that can stand the test of time.



3) Embrace Those Around You

You don’t need to be feared to be considered a “shark.” When you are well- regarded and respected, your business is more likely to survive and flourish.

It is crucial to know that you do not know everything, and there is always room to learn and grow. Take the time to listen and interact with your team members, employees, advisors, and yes- even your competitors. Learn from them, both their mistakes and their successes to give both yourself as well as your business a competitive edge.

Just because you may be the “boss”, does not mean you can be “bossy”. More often than not, there is a group of people that support your idea and allow you and (or) your business to grow.

That being said, it is crucial that you give praise to those who work hard to ensure that your job is easier. By giving praise to your team members, co-workers, or employees, you are promoting a more productive,efficient and more peaceful atmosphere.


4) Let your Passion be your guide

When someone feels passionate about something, they are much more likely to take action. Many times this passion can drive someone to invent a product, start a small business or even create an empire.

Passion is the fuel that creates a fire of creativity and excitement that allows one to exude extraordinary levels of self-confidence. No matter what difficulties you encounter, you always have an answer for why you decided to pursue something- passion.


5) Never Give Up!

A shark did not get to the top of the ocean’s food chain by just being placed there. The shark got to where it is today because of its ability to adapt to a changing world and its unpredictable circumstances. The species has overcome everything from the threat of extinction to the world’s most massive natural disasters.

The shark travels thousands of miles each year to get to it’s desired destination and it does not let anything deter it from its mission. If the shark has never given up, neither should you!



Don’t be a dolphin, be a shark! Don’t get caught in a net or with your head above water. Be sure to remember these five tips when pursuing a career in the murky waters of the business world.