Recruitment FAQs

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Going into recruitment, you might have some questions for us! Here are the most common questions we have received and their answers.

What is PRISM?
We are a student-run advertising agency, working with real clients and gaining real-world experience. We are the next generation of analysts, creatives, strategists, and marketing mavens. Check out our reel for a closer look at what we do.

Why should I apply?

Real-world experience, a family of peers and an amazing mentor, hundreds of alumni connections, networking trips, and more are just a few of the reasons to apply.  

Need more convincing? Watch why some of our members chose to join PRISM here.

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How to apply?

Go to and fill out the application linked on the page by the deadline, October 20.

What positions can I apply for? What do each of them do in PRISM?

Since we operate as an ad agency, our members are broken up in teams similar to how an  agency works. Each team has different roles and goals:

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Accounts: Assist account manager with various tasks concerning the client.

Graphics: Create graphics for various client accounts and work closely with Account Managers and clients.

Analytics: Help to create analysis and insights to clients.

Copywriting: Write blogs, articles, and content for programs and flyers.

Multimedia: Video and photo content creation for clients including highlight reels, commercials, and stock photos.

Social media: Create brand awareness for clients with various social media platforms; works closely with Analytics.

What is the time commitment?

The time commitment varies based on your role and the account you are on. Typically, the time commitment is manageable--PRISM just has to be a priority right below your school work, of course!

PRISMites are required to attend weekly meeting on Tuesdays at 7 pm. These meetings last about an hour and are valuable to stay in the loop on all things PRISM!

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Is there a GPA cutoff?

Yes, there is! We look for PRISMites with GPAs over a 3.2. If you are a freshman, we look at  your high school GPA.

So you got an interview--what should you wear?

Business casual is appropriate for an interview. For girls, a dress with a sweater or blazer, dress pants and a blouse, and closed toe flats or heels work best. For guys, this means a button down shirt with nice khakis or dress pants with dress shoes. No jacket or tie is necessary.

We hope this post answered a number of your questions! Applications are open from October 9 to October 20.