Blacksburg Move In Survival Guide

Nothing marks the end of summer like college move-in season. For new Hokies unfamiliar with the process of settling into Blacksburg, it can be confusing and overwhelming- especially if you wait until Saturday. However, these honest guidelines will enhance your move-in methods and mentally prepare you for the realities of Move-In Day.

Packing is an art (and you can be Michelangelo)


Your optimistic mission for a smooth move can fail even before you leave the driveway if you are doomed by poor packing strategy. Forget your old high school t-shirts and use your precious space to pack extra socks. They will prove to be 100% more valuable by midterms when you’ve picked up a dozen free t-shirts and have no energy for laundry. Also, maximize trunk real estate by using plastic storage bins instead of suitcases; those easy-stacking miracle workers hold more gear and will double as closet organization.

Time is Sanity

When you and half your home state have to travel to a rural town and move within a limited time frame, leaving late and stopping for brunch is not an option. Load up the van the night before, pack a granola bar for breakfast, and leave before the sun is up if you’re making a long drive. Be ready to navigate construction, countless trucks, and backups caused by a sea of minivans on the infamous Interstate 81. Once you’ve abandoned 81 for Route 11 you will find it to be equally hellish with infinitely more stop lights. When finally make it to Tech by noon, it is Move-In rush hour. Washington Street will look like West L.A. as a legion of SUVs prevent your reasonably-sized car from finding any parking.

Dad Clothes Not Dad Bod


Desperate times call for desperate measures. Allow your dad to wear his favorite pair of khaki cargo shorts when you move in because their functionality will temporarily overshadow their fashion stigma. Those excessive, Velcro pockets will come in handy when you’re looking for extra duct tape, Command strips, and your newly-purchased lanyard. Similarly, your breezy Hawaiian t-shirt will prevent heat stroke while you climb 3 flights of stairs in 90 degree weather in your dorm from the sixties that doesn’t have AC or an elevator. Moving is also a rare non-hiking event where Chacos are be deemed appropriate since you will be required to navigate the tricky terrain of both pavement and linoleum.

Be Tenacious

On moving day, there is no time for hesitation. If you find a dolly, seize it. If you have street parking, guard it all cost. If you spot a spare Hokie Helper, flag them down. There is always a precedent for Hokie Respect, but keep mind that you are competing against thousands of underclassmen and transfer students in a finite amount of space. Every small advantage counts.

Treat Yourself


After hours of driving, battling for space, and trudging down the sidewalks and halls, take your family out for a well-earned victory meal. The best way to conclude a successful move is with the nation’s best campus dining and chocolate therapy from the D2 dessert buffet. Your generosity with your meal plan is the least you can do to thank your friends and family who tackled Move-In Day by your side