3 Ads Kicking Off the 2017 Football Season

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There is nothing like college football in the fall! Check out these ads that do a great job of getting all college football fans--far and wide--excited for the 2017 season.


The 2017 Virginia Tech Football Trailer

We may be a little bias about this ad highlighting the Virginia Tech 2017 Football Season. That being said, this ad touches on both the old and the new qualities of the football program at VT.

This ad gets everyone very excited for the future of the program while hyping up Coach Fuente as he embarks on his second year at VT. It feels real and relatable because it uses clips from all types of games-- home or away, big or small, win or lose.

This ad tugs at the heartstrings when getting emotional with real clips of Coach Fuente pumping up the players in the locker room. This football trailer shows what not only the football program is all about, but also Virginia Tech as an entire community.  


College Football Pump Up ||"The Grind"|| 2017-18 Hype Video

This ad highlights the 2017 football season as a whole. By touching on each and every league from all over the country, it really reaches a broader audience.

The passion and intensity that fill this ad do a great job of getting the viewer excited for the coming college football season. It relates to aspiring college athletes by talking about pushing yourself once you make it to the “big leagues.”

By hyping up the players, this ad allows the audience to get pumped because it proves how much work they have put into their performance and improvement throughout preseason training.


ESPN College Football Playoff: Fight to the Finish | ESPN

The battle of all the SEC football coaches is a fun way for this ad to bring the teams together in friendly competition. 

The emphasis on “bringing the trophy home” lets the audience know that there is an end goal to all of the hard work. This ad mentions all 130 teams in college football, making it relatable to schools and football fans all over the country.


After viewing these ads, it’s hard not to get excited for what’s to come. Get ready for a great season, Hokies!