PRISM Recruitment 101

Are you thinking of applying to PRISM? Here’s all the information you need to know before submitting your application.

Who are we?

We are the Next Generation Marketers at Virginia Tech. PRISM is an interdisciplinary faculty-led, student run marketing firm, run by the next generation of creatives, strategists, analysts, and marketing mavens. The organization’s members comprise of a variety of majors with diverse talents that help create PRISM’s unique work. As student advertisers, we have a deep understanding of the ever-changing digital landscape and have a close eye on the latest trends.

Why should you join the team?

Are you looking for a way to make the most of your college career? PRISM is the place for you. This on-campus organization is so much more than just a resume-booster, it’s a home away from home. By joining PRISM, you gain valuable experience with real-world clients, a family of students across all majors, a passionate and experienced faculty advisor, and a network of connected alumni.

prism services.png

What do people do in PRISM?

PRISM has six active clients: PRISM, Pamplin College of Business, Smithfield, First & Main, FutureHAUS, and The Virginian Golf Club. Each client has a team with a wide range of positions, including an account manager, social media team, analyst, graphic designer, copywriter, and a photographer/videographer. Through inter-team collaboration, we offer our clients with a variety of next-generation marketing services.

PRISM is more broadly organized through their various departments. Here’s a quick view into each of these talented positions:

org chart.png

Executive Team: Guided by PRISM faculty founder and advisor, Donna Wertalik, our two student Chief Marketing Officers lead and direct the organization, while the Executive Director of Operations and Talent acts as the human resources lead for PRISMites.

Accounts: Under the guidance of an account manager, members on the accounts team communicate and complete various tasks concerning the client. Social Media and Strategists  create brand awareness for clients with various social media platforms.

Creatives: Comprised of three subdivisions including multimedia, graphics, and copy, the creative team collaborates with the accounts team to fulfill all the creative needs of the client.

  • Multimedia team is responsible for video and photo content creation for clients including highlight reels, commercials, and stock photos.

  • Graphics team creates graphics for various client accounts and works closely with account managers and clients.

  • Copy team writes blog posts, articles, case studies, press releases, and other written content for clients.

Analytics: Works closely with accounts and social media to create analysis and insights for clients on the performance of digital marketing campaigns.

Operations: The Operations Team is PRISM’s newest organizational addition. This team is comprised of four positions that work underneath the Director of Operations and Talent/ Culture to help ensure that the internal affairs of PRISM are going smoothly.

  • Operations Assistant

  • Recruitment Chair

  • Alumni Relations

  • Financial Manager

Ready to apply?

Our applications go live on Sept. 5 and will close on Sept. 19. Use the application as an opportunity to showcase your creativity and skills relevant to the team you're aiming for. We look forward to hearing from you!

If you have any more questions, please reach out to our Recruitment Chair Katharine Plante,, or contact us via