Our Favorite Holiday Campaigns of 2017

holiday campaigns.jpg

With the fall semester winding to a close, that only means one thing—the holidays! Whether that means decorating trees, making cookies, or even spending time with your family, the holidays are truly the most special time of the year. PRISM’s favorite part of the season is obviously all the marketing campaigns that come with it. What better way to enjoy the holidays than to see your favorite brands expressing their holiday cheer? Check out some of our favorites this year:


Google Santa Tracker

Have you ever wanted to track Santa Claus on his voyage during Christmas Eve? Google has created an interactive program that does this and much more! Santa’s Village gives visitors the opportunity to learn about artificial intelligence (AI) and other technology-driven subjects. Starting December 1st, Google allows kids to participate in activities and games that keep them in the holiday spirit. From learning how to code a snowflake to learning elf translations, this program truly sets the bar for modern technology in during the holidays.


Ebay “Don’t Shop Like Everybody Else”

Gift giving has changed dramatically in the past five years. In today’s society, you can order gifts with one-click on your smart phones, which would have seemed ludicrous years ago. Ebay pokes fun of modern gift giving with their 2017 holiday ad. While the internet may make gift buying easier, it can still make your gift a lackluster. Ebay encourages the viewer to make online gift buying colorful again with this year’s holiday commercial.


Coca-Cola Santa Claus


The most loved holiday campaign is undoubtedly the Coca-Cola Santa Claus. In 1931, Coca-Cola shaped the modern-day image of Santa Clause in their holiday advertisement. This image of Santa then exploded into what we know today—a jolly, hatted fat man in a red suit. Today, the Santa Claus Coca-Cola campaign is by far the most recognized branded image across the world.


Microsoft 3D Holiday

This year Microsoft killed off its popular “Microsoft Paint” application after 32 years of existence. Later this year, Windows 10 reintroduced the popular tool with a new one called “Paint 3D”. Their 2017 holiday ad highlighted this change in a creative, culturally relevant manner. The entire advertisement is made within the new Paint 3D application and includes an important message. Microsoft highlights the importance of inclusion and diversity in the world and encourages everyone else to do the same. The video description reads, “When we are inclusive and celebrate our differences we can make the world a better place.”


The holidays bring people together and share the love of the season. Brands and marketers really grab onto this and share it the best way possible, advertisements!