PRISM Wins an Addy!

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PRISM has added another award to its repertoire! Last week a of PRISMites traveled to Roanoke, Virginia to attend the Western American Advertising Awards, otherwise known as “The Addy’s”, where they were awarded their second Addy. On a national level, The Addy’s attract an impressive 40,000 plus entries from local ad club competitions, making it the advertising industry’s largest, most representative competition.

PRISM competed in the Professional Category for its 2017 Rebranding Reel, going up against top agencies and companies such as Carilion Clinic and the like. Although PRISM is a student-run organization, the professional and high-level caliber in which it operates allows it to compete as a professional organization rather than a student organization.

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Rachel Bryner, PRISM’s Director of Multimedia, speaks on the award winning video. “ This video not only showcases the work we do, but also who we are and what we have accomplished. The video team was so proud to have gotten this award. It took a lot of hard work and commitment to make the video, and it was wonderful to see all of our hard work translate into something and be recognized.”


The video’s outstanding visuals and overall content earned it a Silver Addy, making for grand total of seven awards for PRISM. The organization proudly holds four Telly Awards, one Muse Award and now two Addy Awards.


Bri Ehl, PRISM’s Executive Director of Talent, Operations and Culture, explained what this award means to PRISM, “This means a lot to all of our members, as we all hand a hand in the making of our organization’s fun culture and dedication to hard work that showed through in the reel. Every award we win, is a huge reward for every member to be able to include on their resumes and portfolios, so the Silver Addy is helping us to grow professionally as individuals as well!”


PRISM’s 8 Tips for Studying Abroad


One of the most unique opportunities a college student can have is studying abroad. PRISMites have traveled around the world gathering stories, pieces of wisdom, and some amazing pictures along the way. From Switzerland to Africa to Ireland, here are some of PRISM’s best pieces of advice for students that plan to study abroad:


“My biggest piece of advice to those going abroad would be to travel outside of the box. The places I fell in love with were the ones I didn’t expect like Budapest, Hungary, Kandersteg, Switzerland, and Slovakia. Do your research to find cities you don’t know about because those may end up being the ones you talk the most about.” - Meredith Hoopes


"Studying abroad was truly the greatest four months of my life--there isn't any experience that can compare to it. My favorite places had to be The Cliffs of Mohr in Ireland or Athens and Santorini, Greece--they had such an inviting and fun culture and were the most picturesque places I've ever seen. What’s more important than where you go though, is who you go with. You become so close to the people you study abroad with because you live and travel with them. They become your family, experiencing these whole new places and cultures with you. If you've ever considered studying abroad, or like traveling, take that leap and apply, you'll never forget the memories you make or the experiences you have." - Nick Czerwonka


“Study abroad is absolutely amazing and I recommend everyone do it! I went to Italy this past winter break with ten other students and Milan was by far my favorite place. Some advice I would give to anyone who is thinking about studying abroad is to choose the program you feel will benefit you the most, whether that’s the actual cost, the places you’ll visit, or the classes you’ll take. Also buy a survival guide for whatever country you’re going to so you won’t look like too much of a tourist.” - Darius Boles

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“The scenery undoubtedly takes the cake as my most memorable aspect of studying abroad. One day I’m boating through a city set on water, and the next I’m climbing up an alpine ridge. Glad I got to see so many different parts of the earth. Bring walking shoes!” -Amanda Robinson


"My favorite place I visited was Santorini in Greece. It's quite possibly the most beautiful place I've ever seen. There is so much rich history and culture -- plus the people are incredibly friendly! My advice to anyone studying abroad is to not waste time and enjoy every moment. If you have the choice to nap, don't. Explore and embrace the culture of every place you visit. You won't regret it!" - Kinzie Trompak



“My study abroad was a little different than the typical semester or summer/winter programs. I was able to go on a spring break study abroad with Pamplin to Belize. While there, it was so amazing to learn about a different culture from another English speaking country while sharing our knowledge in computer literacy with the educators and helping to repaint one of the Mayan schools. I cannot vouch enough for the importance in traveling to another country and experiencing another culture --it helps broaden the lens that you see the world in and helps you to appreciate the differences and similarities that can be found!” - Lea Koehler



“If you talk to anyone who has graduated college usually their biggest regret is not being able to study abroad. After studying abroad for a full semester, traveling to 12 different countries with people who became like family, and immersing myself in so many different cultures, I can understand their regret. It's not very often you can hop on a train and lay on the beach of the Amalfi coast while smelling the lemon trees; wander along the canals of Amsterdam with some delicious Dutch pancakes or get lost in a city frozen in time like Dubrovnik, Croatia.” -Katie Richardson

“It’s so important to reach outside your comfort zone! There are so many new places you're going to see, and most of the time it involves a lot of figuring things out while you're there so it’s important to go just with the flow. I highly suggest studying abroad to anyone who's considering it, it’s truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I couldn’t imagine not being a part of it this semester” - Karlee Parker

Casual Chirps: Untraditional Marketing Campaigns on Twitter


When asked for relationship advice, a great philosopher once responded stating, “If you’re asking a fast food Twitter, this relationship might be doomed.”

The Wendy’s Twitter account has created a unique relationship with their many followers. While traditional businesses have used the social media platform as a chance to inform the public of deals, apologize for various mistakes, and promote their brand, Wendy’s has instead been informing users of their movie of the year picks, roasting consumers of McDonalds, and promoting their mixtapes.


Responding to various inquiries, the Wendy’s account now serves as the magic eight ball of the internet. Ask, and you shall receive an answer, however, it may not be quite what you’re looking for.

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 11.00.28 PM.png

A Rotten Tomatoes score is useless now, when you have the Fresh Never Frozen Beef score from Wendy’s.


Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 11.00.38 PM.png

A traditional account would list out their breakfast options, but instead, Wendy’s is serving up clever roasts, hot off the grill.


Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 11.00.47 PM.png

It gets even hotter when the account begins writing verses referencing a fellow fast food competitor, Wingstop. The chicken company is chopped in front of the entire country.


These are only a few tweets in the account’s collection, with each 140 character-limit box acting as a canvas for this witty, dominant marketer. Rather than existing among the void of sponsored corporate content, Wendy’s has decided to adopt the casual, youthful, and careless voice of what could very well be one of my classmates. Echoing across the internet, heard from every corner, the account’s sarcasm has gained a massive following. The voice reaches over 2 million followers, far surpassing the reach of any predecessor or philosopher. In 2017, the account successfully established themselves in the history books by conducting f the most retweeted tweet yet. In a young boy’s lowest moment, he cries out to Wendy’s asking how many retweets it would require for free nuggets. Wendy’s responds coldly with “18 Million.” While Twitter may not have been able to reach that milestone, the original tweet now has over 3 million retweets. A dream come true for the boy, or Wendy’s social media team?

While the account may seem like a catalog of thoughts from a college student, the Wendy’s account is actually run by a team of marketers that have now seen monumental success. Over the past year, the account has been recognized by users and media sources around the internet for their clever use of the platform. Wendy’s has refused to reveal their secret recipe for social media, but the team has had a hold on this voice for years before the rise in following. A cult success, the account has gone from a few chuckles to an entire website roaring  with laughter and applause.


Amid the noise, other accounts are now also adopting the ironic strategy of Wendy’s. To reach your audience, you must become your audience. Brand Guidelines? MoonPie has never heard of them.

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 11.01.05 PM.png

While obtaining a more modest presence at 170K followers, MoonPie, and other accounts have followed the lawless guidelines that Wendy’s has pushed to the forefront of marketing on Twitter. Adapting to survive, marketing teams using social media are discovering the beauty of the unpredictable sides of the internet. In such a saturated area, you only have one chance, or one tweet to grab the attention of your audience. Wendy’s discovered how to grab hold of their audience, dab them up, spin them around, and make them want to constantly come back for more.


In a synergistic relationship, the user receives entertaining content while the business receives positive publicity which could lead to increased sales. As long as the roasts remain calm, and an international civil war between fast food corporations doesn’t break out as a result of these shots, this style of content will continue.

Wendy’s has fired the first shot that rang across Twitter. They have everyone’s attention with their unique, hilarious voice. As more marketing accounts join in the effort to focus on millennials, we may see more businesses decreases the promotions, and up the jokes. It’s only a matter of retweets until we see Virginia Tech’s twitter account crafting roasts against the University of Virginia twitter account. In case Virginia Tech is looking for someone to lead that effort, they know where to find me.