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PRISM has worked hard for their clients since its establishment in 2010, and the organization has also dedicated their time to branding themselves. PRISM is more than an advertising agency or an on-campus organization––PRISM is a lifestyle. By viewing PRISM as a separate client, the award-winning organization has found a way to show off their stuff and let the world know the caliber of work that makes PRISMites shine.


PRISM Discovery Project:


As a result of a strong recruiting campaign, PRISM welcomed 22 new members in the fall of 2017. With high expectations placed on PRISM to consistently produce high-quality work, the Discovery Project was thoughtfully designed to onboard new members and help them adjust to the workload and expectations of the organization. The project was led by two senior PRISMites who embodied the values and culture of the organization, or the incoming class’s “PRISM Parents.” After being assigned roles based on their PRISM applications, the 22 new PRISMites were split into two teams to compete for the winning marketing pitch for the client, PRISM.

Both teams were to design a strategic marketing campaign for PRISM, including components such as a social media content calendar, video campaigns, blog posts, graphics, and an real-life brand activation, to be implemented in the fall of 2018. After three months of hard work, PRISMites named Team 1 as the winners of the formal pitch for their ‘PRISM Decoded’ campaign and new PRISMites from both teams were finally inducted into the organization. As the first of these complex onboarding assignments, the Discovery Project received mixed reviews from new members, but it now acts as a hopeful foundation for future PRISM onboarding.




PRISM does not take a break for summer vacation––they view it as another story to tell. In summer 2018, PRISM kicked off the new social media campaign, #PRISMHighlights, as a way of showing all of the smaller parts that make up the bigger organization that is PRISM. This campaign shined a spotlight on one incredible PRISMite each week to give an update on what each member has been working on this summer. The results? The highest engagement rates PRISM’s social media has ever seen. With members interning from coast to coast, it’s no surprise that followers are in awe of what students can do when they are #PoweredByPRISM.


2017 PRISM Video Reel:

In the fall of 2017, PRISM took the opportunity to display their accomplishments, work ethic, talent, and scope by creating the 2017 PRISM Video Reel. PRISM’s talented Multimedia Team took on this challenge to create a video reel that showcased the organization’s passion for advertising and social media while shining a spotlight on the incredible PRISMites that embody PRISM’s personality in only one minute and 53 seconds. The 2017 PRISM Reel received a newly released Gold Telly Award in the category of Social Video General-Education & Discovery, bringing PRISM’s Telly Award count to five.