First & Main

Since May 2014, PRISM has led First & Main’s marketing and social media efforts. As a premiere shopping center in Blacksburg, VA, First & Main needed to get out into the community. PRISM jumped on the opportunity immediately, and turned the brand into something bigger and better. In addition to the case studies below, PRISM has helped First & Main with tabling events, snapchat filter promotions, custom coupon sheets, social media contests, and more.


Rebranding in 2014

One of the first projects PRISM tackled for First & Main was rebranding. It was imperative to get the presence of the shopping center out into the community, so PRISM worked on a new logo. After PRISM designed a number of options, First & Main turned to the community to let them decide which option they preferred. Almost 70% of the hundreds of community members surveyed liked the current logo and tagline. After a few final tweaks, the logo was officially implemented on all First & Main materials.


Grand Opening of Frank's CineBowl & Grille

As First & Main’s first anchor store, Frank’s CineBowl & Grille needed a grand opening for the theatre. PRISM developed everything for the opening from the initial plan to executing the Red Carpet event outside the theatre. So far, this event has been one of the most successful ones that the center has put on and succeeded in creating a lot of buzz about First & Main.


40-Foot Bus Wrap

First & Main wanted to wrap a 40-foot bus that would drive around campus and the town for a year, so PRISM created a one-of-a-kind bus wrap advertising the shopping center. The creative team got to work in May creating multiple design options. By mid-September, the final design was determined and finally unveiled in October 2015. This bus wrap received a 2016 Muse Creative Award, which recognizes individuals and companies in the marketing, advertising, design, photography, and digital fields. The bus can still be seen around Blacksburg and has proven to be one of the most unique buses in the community.