Next generation marketing.

PRISM is an interdisciplinary ad agency, run by the next generation of creatives, strategists, analysts and marketing mavens. As student advertisers, we have a deep understanding of the ever-changing digital landscape and have a close eye on the latest trends. We’re constantly looking for what’s next, allowing us to develop innovative, forward-thinking solutions for our clients. With a love for ideation and an insatiable appetite to learn from industry mentors and our faculty advisor, we PRISMites are constantly working to push ourselves, and the brands we build, to the next level.


Our History  

PRISM was originally established in 2010 with a singular goal in mind: to establish a social presence for Virginia Tech’s Pamplin College of Business. It started as an idea on a piece of paper and since then has developed into a comprehensive marketing and creative agency that serves a diverse multitude of customers. 


Our Leadership 

Our faculty advisor, Donna Wertalik, is a seasoned advertising executive with an insatiable interest in marketing and predictive analysis. Donna brings 15 years of professional expertise at Nestle, Ogilvy and her own firm, Speak Advertising. She is now driving the future of the Pamplin College of Business as the Director of Marketing.

Our Sponsors

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The PRISMites

Exec Team


Donna Wertalik
Founder + Advisor

Darius Boles
Chief Marketing Officer
Chief Marketing Officer
Bri Ehle
Executive Director of Operations & Talent

Accounts Team

Graphics Team

Analytics Team

Copywriting Team

Multimedia Team

Social Media Team

Operations Team