PRISM has teamed up with Coke...


PRISM teamed up with Coca-Cola in the Spring of 2018 to implement the winning campaign from Barracuda Bowl season three. Hosted by the Pamplin College of Business in partnership with Coca-Cola, the Barracuda Bowl is a “Shark Tank” inspired competition where marketing majors pitch campaigns based on a specific prompt. The prompt for season three was “How can Coca-Cola leverage the power of gaming to reach teens and recruit the next generation of brand loyalists?” PRISM worked with Coca-Cola and the Pamplin College of Business to execute the winning campaign created by James Bittner.


Barracuda Bowl “Game Day”:

James Bittner’s winning idea was to host a “Game Day” event sponsored by Coca-Cola to bring together different video gaming leagues and clubs on the Virginia Tech campus. Bittner had a plan and a budget, but he needed some help turning his idea into a reality. PRISM stepped in to assist him in implementing his campaign. From coordinating with Coca-Cola vendors to getting the word out around campus, a team of talented PRISMites worked with Bittner every step of the way to execute his plan. The event was comprised of two sections: a gaming room and a tournament room. Students were invited to relax and play video games in the gaming room or compete for over $1,000 worth of prizes in the tournament room. With the help of PRISM, more than 100 attendees enjoyed James Bittner’s winning “Game Day” activation event.