In the spring of 2018, PRISM connected with Area 23, one of the top health advertising agencies and a sister agency of  world renowned FCB network, to assist with a brand activation for their client, FC2. Area 23 took advantage of PRISM’s next generation marketers expertise, using them as a think tank when creating a marketing and social media strategy for their ‘Stop Stealthing’ campaign on college campuses.


Stop Stealthing:


PRISM’s efforts on Area 23’s ‘Stop Stealthing’ campaign provided the opportunity for PRISMites to work on a sensitive real-world health campaign. This campaign centered around preventing the act of stealthing, a form of sexual assault involving one person removing a condom without the consent of both parties during sex, on college campuses. In collaboration with Area 23, PRISM was able to collect students’ opinions on this sensitive topic and spread awareness for the ‘Stop Stealthing’ campaign on the Virginia Tech campus. In addition, students were able to facilitate in a brand activation at an on-campus Take Back the Night event, in which community members and students were able to sign a petition as well as learn more about the client’s product, the FC2 female condom.