PRISM boasts a 100% job-placement rate. Our alumni network is large and spans the United States from coast to coast, with members working in big cities like New York and LA as well as smaller cities like Roanoke. Among the most well-known and reputable companies, we have PRISMites at Publicis, Ogilvy, Altria, and Salesforce.


Words of the Wise

”For me, PRISM was an outlet to exercise my creativity. As a creator of Pamplin’s voice + brand personality, the canvas couldn’t have been larger to explore the creative boundaries. The projects and presentations were left to our imagination. The tone was ours. It’s amazing to look back and think about how, we, 20-something-year-olds, were visualizing + explaining the importance of bringing Pamplin to life via its social media and online presence to board members, college Deans, advisory board members, and NYC agency directors.”
— Tara Petrucci, PadSquad
“For awhile I thought breaking into advertising was hopeless. There was only one class closely tied to the field at that time, and it was a top-line course that gave a nice, but brief introduction to the industry. Then I found PRISM, which let me improve my knowledge about social media, and how agencies function for an entire year. I finally felt like I’d found something I wanted to do as a career, and people who could prepare me to be as competitive an applicant as anyone in the country. PRISM was the foundation of my knowledge today, and has created a network of Hokies in creative businesses everywhere.”
— Brett Simone, Publicis